What is Foster Grandparent Program and How to register?

The Foster Grandparent Volunteer Organization was made available to help senior citizens and children. Seniors go to different areas to volunteer adding love and value to the lives of children of any age. Whether it’s from teaching kids in school or caring for babies, you’re making a difference in their lives. 

The schedules provided will not be the same for each foster grandparent. Volunteer times can range from 4 hours a day or even 8 hours a day for 5 days a week if you’re up for it. One requirement is that you have to be the age of 60 or older, but there are a few places that offer the exception of being 55.

You’ll be offering personal experiences, taking care of disabled children, and guiding young teenagers. Some of these teenagers will have children of their own as well. With this, you’ll be agreeing to offer them counseling while showing them the path of success.

However, it comes with its own trouble as well. To save you from future headaches, be careful with legal issues such as the grandparent’s rights to see grandchildren in foster care. You aren’t handed the automatic rights to see the children. Either come to an agreement with the parents or apply for Child Arrangements Order to the court.

How to register for Grandparent Foster Program

In order to sign up, click on this link and it will take you to the website. The title should be Find a Senior Corps Opportunity

Scroll down and on the left, there should be a small box saying Search by Any State and County.

Click the box that says -Any- and choose your state. After you’re done, click the Apply button below the box. On the right, you should see the options of organizations. 

Click on the View Contact Info and it should display their number for you to call them. Give them a call and follow the instructions given to you. 

As stated in this link, there is a requirement of being the age of 55 or older to be eligible to enroll in the program. They even state that you must work a minimum of 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. There are the other 6 remaining requirements which mention about criminal records and separating yourself from the workforce. 

It’s always safe to visit their website in case they display all the information that you are looking for. But be ready to answer some questions about yourself if you decide to give them a call.

How Much do Foster Grandparents Get Paid ?

Do foster grandparents get paid? As a matter of fact, they do. But the downside is, there is a requirement. 

All you have to do is go to the website of your chosen organization and:

  • Click on “Check to see if you are eligible for this benefit”
  • Answer all the questions they ask you about your personal information.
  • If this option isn’t on the website, get their contact number and call them instead.

If you make more than a certain amount, you won’t be paid. If the information isn’t provided on the website, give them a call and disclose your personal details to see if you qualify. 

According to wehavekids.com, the numbers provided vary from state, levels of reimbursement, and the needs of the children. Please note that these are numbers are just an average and will change depending on your circumstance. 

Here are some examples of the foster careers allowance for grandparents:

  • Foster Grandparents Program California: $657 – $820
  • Foster Grandparents Program Maine: $797
  • Foster Grandparents Program Massachusetts: $674 – $803
  • Foster Grandparents Program Michigan: $482 – $600
  • Foster Grandparents Program Syracuse: $560

While you may or may not be eligible for this option, you do receive or benefits as well. For starters, some places allow you to get free multiple meals during the days you volunteer. Travel reimbursement is always a plus as well. Even paid time off may be offered which is a luxury for most people. If you pick the right organization, they will also include insurance along with monthly training.

Just as a reminder, when you want to enroll, make sure to check each and every website as they all differ. If the information isn’t detailed, prepare your personal information so you will be able to answer their questions in call and make it a smoother experience so you can quickly find the right organization for you.

All in all, this program is designed to give back to the community. It is in no way meant to be a stable job and only those that are considered to be a low-income senior citizen are eligible for a stipend(payment). If your only focus is to make a change in people’s lives, the Foster Grandparents Program will be the perfect opportunity for you!